Welcome to our 2 acres of country living and precious dogs.I have been raising dogs since 1995. We started out with yorkies and maltese. Both of these breeds are a joy to have. Maltese make wonderful lap dogs while yorkies, well...they have a LOT of personality. They both require brushing about every other day or so. They do not shed YEA! I sell a lot of these 2 breeds to people with allergies. It seems to make a difference. My yorkies and maltese usually range from 4 to 6 pounds.
  We added another breed in July 2003. They are 2 West Highland Terriers who want to play with you like a puppy all of their life. They like to chase and play with a ball.  We enjoy our westies.

   In April 2007 we added 4 Shih Tzu's. The shih tzu makes a wonderful lap dog. They are very loving and want to please. It is amazing how each breed has a small uniqueness in their personalities.

   For 2008 I didnt add a breed but I tried crossing my maltese with my shih tzu's and with my yorkies. This hybrid is called  Mal/shih's and Morkies. They both make a healthier beautiful puppy with a new look!

   For 2010  I squeezed in one more new breed Dec 23rd. I am very excited to have 2 male  Parti Yorkies.  They are a little pricey. Once I save up enough money I will get a female.

   For 2011 I managed to contain myself and did not get any new breeds.

   For 2012 I added 3 pomeranians and 2 toy poodles. They are such cute little fluffy things! I will breed pomeranians and cross them with some of my other breeds for some designer pups. I love to just sit back and look at all of our cute little breeds.

   For 2013 I added the designer dog Cavachon's. This is a Cavalier which is the perfect dog except they do shed. So adding the Bichon Frise(related to the poodle family) who does not shed makes a great cavachon!

   Special care has been taken to maintain a healthy and happy environment. The puppies are raised in a temperature controlled nursery. All pups come with a health record showing their first shots and wormings. You will also receive a puppy care info., food sample, a toy and a health guarantee.

   To see MORE PICTURES of my adult dogs that are the parents  click on  NURSERY PAGE & then PHOTO ALBUM.  My NURSERY PAGE also has pictures of what the hybrid pups might look like. These are all out of my adults.

    We are located on the outskirts of S.E. San Antonio, Texas just 5 miles outside of Loop 1604. If you have any questions feel free to call
me (Carol) or my husband Bill at 210-219-1586 or 830-477-6280 and see whats new at Precious Pups!

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